this new year will be my undoing

Some ideas for myself to remember to simplify for the new year:


  • Delete all Unused Apps from your mobile devices (Why did I ever think I’d use an app called “Eat Slow?”)
  • Clear your Downloads folder
  • Archive Photos and old Records
  • Refresh Music (so I won’t have to keep pressing the Skip button)
  • Rearrange Homescreen and set up Clearview Gestures shortcuts to save time spent searching for apps while in a hurry.


  • Review and purge Drafts folder (so many could-have-beens!)
  • Empty Junk folder, clear Promotions inbox


  • Is there a clear system for Folder names, orders, and dates?
  • Have I refreshed my Passwords across various memberships & platforms


  • Time to do an Annual Review of my spending, and set up a system to track my finances for the coming year.